Architectural capabilities that starts with a message on the cover.

Sometimes if you have something very simple and powerful to say, don't risk the viewer missing it. Get their attention right away and put it on the cover.

This project started with a new identity.

When Yosh Nakazawa, president of Yosh Nakazawa & Associates architectural firm told us of how almost everyone he talked to initially mispronouced his name as “Yash” we knew a great solution for his logo was an “o” with a stroke over it, representing a long “o”. This very simple sollution also used two very simple architectural forms, a circle and a line. And using the logo cropped like it is on the cover of his Capabilities Brochure, it looks like a modern piece of sculpture.

Also all the imagery in the brochure uses 200 line duotones, that helps one focus on the elegant architectural forms rather than their color.