Open an account and enjoy “Dinner out” on us.

To help increase their customer base, we developed a nice “restaurant looking” direct response piece. The headline on the outside of the piece was “How about a date?” Upon opening, one reads, “To get to know you better, we‘d like to take you out to dinner.”

This piece had over a 11% response.

If you are unfamiliar with direct response, or direct mail, the industry standard for a “successful” campaign is a 2% response. West Bend Savings allowed us to talk to a number of very nice and popular restaurants in town. And since Germantown is roughly the size of a western suburb of Chicago, it was fairly easy. Once we lined up half a dozen restaurants, we listed them in the piece and provided a West Bend Savings redeamable gift card worth $75. A simple call into the bank activated the card and captured more information to open an account. Our mailing list wasn’t very large, so this program was a little easier to sell to the bank.

Was it worth $75 (which we bartered way down at each restaurant) for each new customer? West Bend Savings thought so.