One of the oldest shaving products firms gets a new website.

With over two centuries of tradition at its side, St. James of London continues to provide superior grooming experiences

With each stroke of the blade, with each pat of the brush, with each dab of cologne, the modern day gentleman prepares himself for the kind of greatness that only a St. James of London gentleman can expect.

An aging website with little mobile functionality, was transformed into a bright, clean and contemporary website. This new website approach was not only new in its look and functionality but it solves issues website designers ands developers have been struggling with for years. The multi-tile approach was a way to solve the question - “How much can I put on my Home Page?”

Because of the wide variety of agendas an individual might have in visiting any website, the struggle was, “How do I adress all of those agendas on the Home Page?” without overloading the Home Page. And if we don’t address an agenda that will move the viewer deeper into the site, they very likely will move on to other sites.

With the “tile” approach, each tile could represent one area or address one agenda. And more importantly it does it without giving the viewer the notion that one area is more important than another. All areas are equal. And with striking visuals and short, succinct topic headings and headlines, the result is a patchwork quilt of what a company is.

The site is no longer about the design of bars, drop down menues and backgrounds of previous site design, it is about the content and the look of that content.

A click-through of a tile takes you to an “Article” page with a large visual, related thumbnail visuals and howevewr much information is required. Also every article page can look different, which solves a potential boredom factor.

Finally, a viewer no longer has to enlarge text on their smart phone to be able to read it. The new tile approach reconfigures the site for each device so viewing and readability is at a maximum.