Spacesaver needed a piece that visually told the story, quickly.

Convincing a prospect of incorporating a mobile storage system rather than a static system is one thing... convincing a museum curator that his priceless Roman helmet collection would be safe on a storage system that moves... is another.

Archivists and museum curators have priceless collections and are always faced with limited storage. We needed to inform them that mobile storage could double their capacity and that shelves that hold books in libraries could also be drawers, boxes or hooks.

When you are housing such items as a delicate butterfly collection, or large antique, wooden snow shoes, or large Grecian vases – combined that with a shelving system that rolls back and forth on rails, like the Spacesaver Mobile Storage Systems, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Simple shleves can also be fitted with cases with locked and closed drawers, racks can be configured for items that need to hang, boxes can be used on shelves that have lips on the outside edges, so nothing falls off. Also systems can be built to protect contents against dirt, moisture, light, vermin, shock, vibration, fire protection, etc.