Landmark Sheraton Hotel brochure executed outside of Sheraton Graphic Standards.

Photography, design, art direction and printing were required to be at the highest level for this piece.

When Sheraton was finishing up a high profile new property in Chicago, right on the Chicago River near the famous Michigan Ave. bridge, they new it was going to need smart, high-end marketing.

The President of the new property went to corporate and asked them if his new capability brochure could be designed outside of the very rigid Sheraton Graphic Standards. They said yes and we were allowed to stretch our design legs. Contracting and art directing photography from the prestigious firm of Hedrick Blessing, we had stunning photography to work with.

Sseeing that the property was filled with rich woods and high-end wood veneers we develolped a cover that incorporated that wood feel. Also, knowing that the hotel was in the “windy” city and along the river, we created a graphic representing “wind” and “water” made out of a different color wood veneer.