Trade show graphics for Rail-Veyor Material Hauling

Rail-Veyor was bringing a new concept to the mining industry. Rather than conventional conveyor systems or trucks, the Rail-Veyor system is a lightweight rail system that is simpler, greener, and far more efficient than any other solution. Connected, low-profile cars carry material in a continuous open trough on light rail, unloading when inverted, and then reversing back to the excavation site. And with electric motors that drive horizontal wheels, making contact with side plates to move cars forward and back, there are no emissions within the mine.

Rail-Veyor was having difficulty in quickly conveying this new concept to prospects. For an upcoming trade show, we combined the line, “Material hauling technology has just been turned upside down.”, and a visual of a roller coaster to help convey this new concept in mining and the 180 degree track looping ability of the Rail-Veyor system. To further emphasize this new concept, one of the pull-up banners shows an inverted image of a mountain of material hauled from a mine that their audience would be familiar with.

We additionally developed a series of graphic schematics that at a glance show several key components of the Rail-Veyor concept.              

Credit: Rail-Veyor is a client of the ARENDS agency