California architect direct mail campaign after the market crashed.

Direct mail campaign for award winning west coast production home architectural firm. Self mailer was mailed to a national list of home builders to generate interest in sluggish home building market.

When the housing market started to take a dive, home architectural firms had to find new ways to engage home builders, or seek business overseas. A direct mail campaign was developed to be sent to all Bassenian Lagoni’s current home builder customers to let them know that they were working on solutions to help.

Since the majority of home builders were faced with too much outstanding inventory, new projects were difficult if not impossible to find. What types of projects were being considered were smaller homes.

“Re-thinking density and re-calibrating cost efficiencies” appeared to be the new buz words.

One other goal of this campaign was to stay connected to a customer base that was not making many calls to startup new business.