Three part direct response mailing with an incredible 28% response.

Unique die cut series of self-mail pieces featuring the peaceful benefits of facilities at five area hotels.

A group of hotels in the western suburbs of Chicago banded together to form The Oak Brook Hotel & Visitors Committee in order to increase their meeting and convention business.

Initially wanting a simple two-sided post card to be sent out to a nation-wide list of meeting planners, we suggested a more daring proposal. Develop a three part mailing, sent out 10 days apart to the same list. Also make it a graphically provocative self mailer that would significantly increase its chances of being opened rather than sent immediately to the circular file.
With an iron cross multi-foldout format, visuals were showcased within the die cut word shapes that most described the benefits of a suburban setting with flowers, trees, small ravines and blue skys.

The twist was that the copy displayed on each panel under the die cut visual words – “Air, Land and Water” spoke of the negatives of holding meetings at downtown Chicago hotels. “Vanish into thin AIR. Is this what seems to happen with your money when you hold meetings in downtown Chicago?”

Additionally we knew that our audience, meeting planners, were typically married and on the road a lot. So the offer was developed to call an 800 number and be entered to win a $5,000 shopping spree at the prestigious Oak Brook Mall, minutes away from all of the hotels. A potential nice gift for the spouse left at home.

Our client was brave enough to spend a great deal more that the original budgeted cost for one post card. But was rewarded with an enormous reponse that ultimately provided business for each of the hotels for years to come.

The “Air, Land and Water” direct response self mailers won national creative awards in: Print’s Best, Print’s Regional Design Annual, and Creativity.