20 foot video wall for Railway 2017 Interchange trade show.

Video developed as part of a product repositioning campaign for Miner.

When one of Miner’s best selling products had their patent expire, competitors rushed to market with nearly identical versions of the product.  It was our job to reposition and differentiate Miner’s product from the competition.

Our solution was a “What’s Inside” story that allowed us to pivot nicely to the notion that an elastomer compression system called TecsPak is inside our gears, like the competition, but what’s really inside is the brains and backing of Miner’s process that makes things like TecsPak possible. Their trade show booth at Railway 2017 Interchange incorporated a 20' video wall so we developed a video which helped to broaden the story of “What’s Inside”.

Credit: Miner is a client of the ARENDS agency