A direct mail campaign that’s pretty “smooth”

Merillat wanted to market a program that rather than go through their distributors it would go direct from corporate to customers on large jobs.

For multi-family builders and developers, the news couldn‘t be any better. Presenting iNTERLOCK business solutions…a bold concept in builder-supplier relations that put the builder in direct contact with Merillat.

We discovered that process could be more streamlined on large jobs from builders by going direct to corporate. From the specifications, operations, logistics, through product design, manufacturing and installation.

An overall concept was developed – “Smooth out” the process to keep projects moving, and close properties on time.

The campaign consisted of a 4 part mailing: an oversized post card followed by a self mailer with a peanut butter visual (shown above. And a second post card and self mailer with a wrinkled and pressed dress shirt with the line “Iron out” the process to keep projects moving and close properties on time.