Identity / Logo Refinement / Before & After

One example of a logo refinement; and two with a more dramatic change.

Broadwind Energy, one of the leaders in the wind farm industry, liked their logo but knew, after a few years of usage, it needed some cleanup. Insight Behavioral Health Care initially only wanted a modest refinement but chose a newer solution once they compared it to their old logo. Falkor needed a much more contemporary and “techy” look.

The old Broadwind Energy logo had letterforms and parts of the logo that were too thin, especially when the logo was used small. The letterforms also were a bit inconsistent and the use of a dark blue often came of as a “dirty” blue or even black.

Our job was to thicken up the typography letterforms, refine the logo a bit and look at a different type treatment for the word “Energy”.

Insight Behavioral Health Care were disatisfied with their logo but they didn't know how to refine it or improve it. our analysis of their old logo was it poke more of a color wheel or offset printer, rather than the inner workings of a persons mind. We provided them with 2 dozen solutions ranging from subtle refinements to more significant changes. The final logo they selected showed a more "intelligent" approach to this psychological turmoil in a patient's mind, as well as a more elegant and sophisticated typography approach.

Falkor, a large, Chicago based IT firm, got it’s name from “Falkor” the luck dragon in “The Never Ending Story”, a children’s movie in 1984. Their old logo was a bit dragon or snake-like. Our recommendation was to dramatically change the logo. In choosing an IT firm, I would want them to be very technologically savvy, and very current in their understanding of complex computer hardware and software related matters. Any visualization in their brand that didn't speak to these traits, in our opinion, is a “speed bump” if not a negative to their overall brand.