Thirteen actors on set for major production

A leader in cutting-edge audio components and acoustic technology needed to promote a new product for Smart Phones that could zoom in the audio along with the video.

This new product narrows a microphone beam as you zoom in, so that if you are taking a video of a person in a group of people, zoomed out you hear the person and the large group of people. When you zoom in you only hear the person you are taking a video of.

Several key factors were taken into consideration when planning and concepting this large scale shoot. Where are we gong to find a large enough space to fit all the people we would need? Do we recreate a ”real-life” setting? An office building lobby, a Starbucks or restaurant? Since we had a fairly tight timeline and a limited budget, we decided to take it out of reality and put it in a studio. Eliminate all interior design detail and put our actors in an all white set.

We decided that a “study in grays” was the art direction needed for our supporting actors wardrobe.

The concept to help separate our one person we were videotaping, was to put all our actors in gray business/business casual clothing. Since Knowles corporate color is blue, we put our lead lady in a blue top.

A local photographer, John Merkle had a very large studio with a huge lightbox that fit our needs perfectly. Jason Betke was the camerman and Chris Julcher was the director. Knowles is a client of the ARENDS agency