IMTS trade show graphics, and ad for Kitamura

A brand new idea with a proven track record.

As they say in the advertising world, “Nothing is really new,” only new twists on existing concepts. Everyone is aware of the Staples “Easy” button. We turned that button that you push concept into a button that you wear and made it a “fill in the blank” concept. 

We started the campaign with the “Kitamura makes ___Easy” ad and carried it over to the IMTS trade show.

Machining centers need to deliver peak accuracy consistently.

One of the benefits of Kitamura is that no matter how challenging the cutting conditions are, Kitamura makes it easier than their competition. We developed a very simple execution of the theme, “Kitamura makes [  ] easy.” with the missing word “complicated”. This concept also allows us to add other benefits into the campaign throughout the year, “Kitamura makes shop floor productivity easy.”, “Kitamura makes difficult jobs easy.”, etc..


Credit: Kitamura is a client of the ARENDS agency.