Industry leader in accuracy-based motion control feedback solutions ad campaign.

Something small is “very big” when it comes to the successful operation of a large telescope.

Everyone remembers the faulty O-ring seal that caused the Shuttle Challenger disaster of 1986. Using that simple premise that something very small is often very important to the successful function of something very large.

Providing motion control feedback, Heidenhains products can be found in everything from large telescopes to MRI machines to spiral bevel gear cutting equipment. A campaign of ads was needed to adequately tell a variety of stories in a variety of disciplines.

The overall theme of “Heidenhain–extending the horizons of discovery” conveys that the telescope is more accurate because of the Heidenhain products which help provide absolute position measurements while aiding recovery and reducing machine start up times. The view of this large telescope from the outside helps tell the story of the many Heidenhain Encoder products it requires for its many different operations.


Significant advancement in CNC industry.

Ad to announce Heidenhain’s new increased contouring accuracy at high feed rates.

“CNC” (Computer Numerical Control) Machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools.

In the world of high speed, high accuracy milling and contouring, HEIDENHAIN was changing the shape of the entire playing field. Utilizing Dynamic Efficiency to reduce loads on both the machine and tools, we can shorten your run times. With Dynamic Precision, Heidenhain’s increased contouring accuracy at high feed rates and during complex moves, improved workpiece accuracy and surface finish.

This revolutionized the entire industry.

Credit: Heidenhain is a client of the ARENDS agency