Graphic Standards Manuals


These days Graphic Standards Manuals exist online as downloadable pdfs rather than a formal printed document. But firms that have many internal personel as well as external design firms, advertising agencies and other vendors who develop materials using identity elements need some form of guidance to maintain consistency of the corporate identity and brand.

Depending on the size and scope of a firm’s marketing, Graphic Standards Manuals vary greatly in size.

Firms with multiple locations, signage, uniforms, vehicle graphics and signage, etc., require fairly extensive manuals. The primary task of any Graphic Standards Manual is to document the areas required so their is little guesswork left.

Graphic standards manual are designed to help all individuals within a company and thier vendors maintain effective and unified visual communications. One of the most important assets a company has as an organization is the image it projects to their customers, investorsand the communities they do business. The importance of creating the impression of a strong, coordinated team cannot be overemphasized.

The corporate identity of a company affects how it’s customers and prospects perceive them. Their image, not just the products or services they deliver or sell, helps distinguish them from others in the industries they serve.

The guidelines typically in Graphic Standards Manuals cover most situations regarding identity. They are intended as a working tool which is not meant to hinder or limit creativity and originality, but rather to define parameters for projects.