Conceptual and clean “industrial” advertising.

Emergency evacuation is serious business in large industrial facilities. But a little intelligent humour drives home the point of the ad.

When Federal Signal discovered from feed back from their sales force that many manufacturing and industrial facilities with, in some cases, thousands of employees, did't have an adequateemergency warning system, a marketing campaign was developed to bring the issue to the right decision makers. Calling out the negative in advertising is always dicey. But humour helps. And if the humour is smart you typically have a winner.

So when the headline was developed, “When it comes to emergency evacuation, does your business have a sound solution?”…a cheerleader megaphone placed where a fire extinguisher would be, housed in a cabinet on a simple wall was just enough to add a bit of clever humour.


Sometimes it’s about what’s missing.

How do we make a headline more efficient like LED technology makes a light bulb more efficient.

Federal Signal was introducing LED technology to the marketplace. Because LED bulbs/technology burns brighter and lasts longer you create a cost savings over traditional bulbs/technology. Manufacturing facilities with hundreds if not thousands of lights can increas their ROI. The abbreviated headline “Ultmt Efcy.” is defined two different ways. It refers to the ultimate efficiency of LED technology, and in removing some letters from the two words the two shortened words are still interpreted as Ultimate Efficiency in the most efficient way.


Conceptual visual used to define positioning.

With the development of the statement, ”Integrated business-wide critical communications right at your fingertips”, we created a “cat’s cradle” visual with that statement replacing the string between the fingers.

With Federal Signal moving from thier industrial signaling brand awareness into a broader brand awareness of “critical communications” for a wide variety of markets, a strong conceptual approach was needed to help tell the story. Their wide variety of products were being integrated to align entire communications frameworks into seamless interoperable solutions.

A strong simple duotone approach to the photo helped to take any emphasis off the fine details of ones’ hands, and helped create a bold statement.