Leading “Michigan Ave.” ad agency website design that’s mobile friendly.

Burrell Advertising needed significant repositioning along with a bold new website look minus FLASH.

Like many ad agencies, Burrell Advertising had a website that utilized FLASH for most of the content. With the release of the iPad, that did not support FLASH, agencies like Burrell were scrambling to get something up that could be viewed on the iPad and iPhone. Burrell also needed significant rebranding and positioning. Having a street reputation of “an ethnic agency” we dug in to find out what that meant. After interviewing upper management, we learned that what’s new or cutting edge often has its origins outside mainstream society.

And specifically in the African American culture in America. Also by taking this approach we turned a perceived weakness to some, and positioned it as a strength to any new Burrell prospect whether they be ethnic or mainstream.

One other significant feature of the website design is that the visuals FILL the browser window, no matter how large it is. Use of provacative imagery and bold headlines makes for an impactful overall look.