Conceptual visual helps ad break out from the pack.

With the majority of windfarm industry advertising using very similar windfarm images against a blue sky, we needed to develop an ad that visually stood out.

Broadwind Energy needed to create more awareness for their Uptower DriveMAX Solutions. With significant experience in all of the key service areas we came up with the headline:

Our Service stands tall. Our experience runs deep.

Visually we combined the roots of a tree with a single wind tower. Copy: When it comes to maximizing the life of your drivetrain, turn to the expert in uptower gearbox services: Broadwind. We’ve performed more than 2,500 uptower inspections and repairs over the last 10 years, and know what it takes to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. Which means you can benefit from substantially reduced crane costs, while maintaining the highest quality and safety standards, all backed by our industry-leading warranty. Choose DriveMAXTM solutions from Broadwind—no one has a commitment to making wind work better that runs deeper.