“The Power of One” Promotion

Promotional campaign utilizing company employees that speak to altruistic reasons behind their employment at Broadwind Energy.


A new polished look for a division of Broadwind Energy.

A brochure that takes a manufacturing company with a rich heritage and showcases its innovation and “promise for the future”.

Brad Foote Gearing is one of the many divisions of Broadwind Energy, a leader in windfarm technology. The focus at Brad Foote Gearing is high-quality precision gearing, specialty weldments and testing. During the late 1990’s and the early part of 2000 to 2010, the wind industry was booming. Brad Foote Gearing’s emphasis during those years was shifted away from heavy industrial applications to wind applications. But over the last 3 to 5 years the wind industry has slowed due to federal tax cuts and so has the “wind” business at Brad Foote Gearing.

New emphasis had to be placed on regaining some of that “industrial business” lost. It was determined that Brad Foote needed to speak to their industrial customers with a little frankness on their lack of followthru and attention during those years that they were kept busy with wind projects.

“We’ve reached a turning point” was the driving force of this campaign, spearheaded by this brochure.

Taking what their industrial customer thought of as a negative –that Brad Foote had been ignoring them having been busy with heavy weldments for Broadwind Energy, their parent comany – and turned it into a positive. That the precision required by the wind industry made Brad Foote more capable than ever.