Let’s put a little “bounce” in Boise swatchbooks.

Solutions that humanize office paper.

Boise was looking for Swatchbook covers for several of their office papers. With competitor solutions oten showing images of simple uses of their papers, these whimsically celebrate the papers. The people shown in mid air clutch the paper in their hands with several more sheets flying through the air.



Always something “Nu”

Poster promotion announcing upcoming paper changes.

Taking the word “new” and turning it into a new element on the periodic table

This was an interesting and wymsical approach for a common occurance at many companies - “We have a new product”. The poster arrived folded with this new element “Nu” highlighted with the headline “The most powerful element on Earth”.

When opened we get a bit of “mad scientist” pouring this new element into a test tube. A little wymsy and fun goes a long way towards providing information on a new product without appearing too self-serving.