Striking sales kit that closes the sale.

A comprehensive sales kit that increases awareness within the architectural/design community for Bernhard Woodwork’s diverse market involvement.

Bernhard Woodwork needed one piece of sales literature that showcased their expertise in the commercial, retail and residential markets. It was also significant to convey to a prospect that they could accommodate very large projects with tight timeframes and exacting standards.

One significant part of Bernhard Woodwork’s offering was their multi-million dollar assembly and finishing area. This was showcased to help position them against smaller, less sophisticated competitors.

An elegant, sophisticated look with large photos, metallic backgrounds, diecut section dividers, wire binding and tactile paper stocks,  was developed to immediatley convey that they were a major player in the architectural woodwork arena.

The Bernhard Woodwork Capabilities Brochure won a national Creativity 01 award.