7-Eleven 75th Anniversary Brochure

”A Day in the Life of 7-Eleven“ photojournalism concept follows the progress of one single day around the world and how 7-Eleven touches so many lives.

Typically anniversaries in corporate America mean more internally to a firm than they do to their customers or prospects. But anniversaries do provide a vehicle to speak to those customers. In 7-Eleven’s case they needed to reclaim their convenience postioning that gradually eroded over a period of time.

In these days of 24 hour convenience, we forget that in decades past very few stores, banks, etc., were open to the public beyond the normal 9 to 5 business hours, Monday through Friday.

7-Eleven was one of the first who kept their stores open when it was convenient to customers. Open at 7 am for those early commuters and open til 11pm forthose late comuters, late shoppers for a quick coffee, soft drink , magazine or snack. In every way 7-Eleven is largely responsible for the convenient world we live in today. 7-Eleven needed to reclaim some of that”convenience“ position. 7-Eleven also has a very strong international presence in many countries around the world. But with parodies of foriegn speaking store tellers on shows like The Simpsons, we decided to turn an apparent weakness in America into a strength.

The brochure is titled ”A day in the life of convenience” and consists of 12 individual stories told from individuals from 12 different countries at 12 different times of the day.

Each brief story tells of how convenience has interfaced a person or persons lives; from a taxi driver in Chicago, to a grade school karate team in Hong Kong.

This brochure received the Award of Distinction from Creativity 32.